Distilling DEWS

Experts meet for roundtable discussion on dry eye in Dublin

Pictured, left to right: Arthur Cummings, Nick Dash, Aoife Lloyd, Samer Hamada, James Wolffsohn

Academics and eye care practitioners came together this month (6 November) in Dublin to discuss the diagnosis and management of ocular surface disease (OSD).

The Annual International OSD Review, entitled, DEWS II: expert insights for adopting best practice, was chaired by Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University, and explored the new definition, the new DEWS II diagnosis protocol and the staged management and treatment approach.

This inaugural event, hosted by Scope and supported by the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society, has been described by the organisers as the "foundation for many more annual meetings that aim to bring expert practical insights to the wider ophthalmic community to enhance patient eye care."

Scope marketing manager of UK and Ireland, Paul O’Reilly, told OT: "The objective of the discussion was to distil the extensive content in both DEWS II chapters into practical in clinic vignettes that might support adoption of best practice protocol in both diagnosing and managing ocular surface disease."

He added: "By bringing the foremost international experts in OSD together to discuss and make practical recommendations, the aim was to help clinicians enhance OSD patient outcomes and experience across Ireland and the UK."

The other participants at the roundtable were: consultant eye surgeon at the Wellington clinic, Dublin, Arthur Cummings; consultant ophthalmologist and cornea surgeon at the Eye Clinic, London Samer Hamada; clinical specialist in dry eye and medical contact lenses at Midland Eye Clinic, Nick Dash; and optometrist and lecturer at the School of Physics and Clinical and Optometric Sciences in DIT, Dublin, Aoife Lloyd.

The full roundtable report will appear in the January 2018 edition of OT.