Specs appeal or frumpy frames? Your best friend’s verdict is a click away

A UK optometrist has developed an app that helps customers choose their spectacles

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A London optometrist has developed an app that helps customers choose their spectacles by offering a visual comparison of up to four sets of frames.

Friends and family can also vote on the images to let the customer know which spectacles they like the best.

Chooz Pics founder, Bhavin Shah, of Central Vision Opticians, told OT that in an increasingly digital world, the technology would allow practices to engage more closely with their customers by using technology to provide a more stimulating experience when choosing glasses.

“Customers can take between two and four pictures and see them all together in one go. It makes it very easy for them to compare glasses visually,” Mr Shah shared.

The app is being trialled by 10 testers at present. Mr Shah plans on introducing the technology to a wider audience over the coming weeks.

Chooz Pics gives independent practitioners another way of connecting with their customers, Mr Shah highlighted.

“People like a digital experience when they are shopping. The fact that you are connecting with the customer via social media makes the experience very personal,” he elaborated.

Although the app has been developed to compare eyewear, Mr Shah observed that it could potentially be used in a range of situations where visual cues are useful.

Clothing retailers and designers have expressed interest in the technology, he shared.

“We have thought of other ways we could be using it – for questions like ‘What movie should we watch tonight?’ or ‘What restaurant should we go to?’ rather than writing the options down, you could have a picture of the different choices,” Mr Shah explained.

Mr Shah has previously developed the vision testing application Okimo – which aims to detect and monitor visual causes of reading difficulties in children.

Those who are interested in volunteering as Chooz Pics testers can contact Bhavin Shah by email.

Image credit: Bhavin Shah