Man in his 30s develops fungal keratitis following sugar cane accident

A farm worker suffered blurred vision, redness and swelling after his right eye came into contact with a sugar cane leaf

sugar cane

BMJ Case Reports authors have described their treatment of a patient who developed fungal keratitis after his right eye came into contact with a sugar cane leaf.

The man, who was in his 30s, visited a hospital outpatient department in Karnataka, India, four days after the incident.

He was experiencing redness, watering, throbbing pain, and blurred vision in the right eye.

Closer examination by clinicians revealed that the patient had an endothelial plaque and a white stromal infiltrate with a feathery margin.

The patient was treated with oral anti-fungal medication and a combination of eye drops.

After one month of treatment, the patient was asymptomatic. His vision improved from a best corrected visual acuity in the affected eye of 6/18 at presentation, to a BCVA of 6/9.

The patient reported that he was able to perform everyday tasks with ease.

“I've been told to use safety glasses in order to avoid similar situations in the future,” he shared.