Treatment for thyroid eye disease shows promise

Eight in 10 patients who received teprotumumab had a measurable reduction in symptoms


A new study published in New England Journal of Medicine has explored the effectiveness of treating thyroid eye disease using teprotumumab.
A total of 41 patients were given the drug while 42 received placebo.

After six weeks, 83% of patients who received teprotumumab had a measurable reduction in eye bulge compared to 10% in the placebo group.

The overall response rate in the group receiving treatment was 78% compared to 7% in the placebo group.

Those receiving teprotumumab had better outcomes in terms of quality of life and diplopia than the control group.

Teprotumumab, marketed under the brand name Trepezza, recently became the first medication to be approved for treatment of thyroid eye disease by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Dr Raymond Douglas, from Cedars-Sinai in the US, highlighted that before this development, treatment options for patients with thyroid eye disease were limited to highly invasive surgical procedures.

“This is a medical breakthrough for a very large percentage of the patient population to receive an alternative medical infusion treatment with great results, quickly,” he shared.

Image credit: Pixabay/Stux