“Following this surgery, each day amazes me”

A 63-year-old Liverpool patient has successfully had his vision restored through Boston Keratoprosthesis surgery

KPro surgery

A Liverpool man has successfully had his vision restored through a pioneering form of corneal surgery.

Malcolm Lennard, from Anfield, received Boston Keratoprosthesis (KPro) surgery to alleviate sight loss from congenital glaucoma at St Paul's Eye Unit at Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

The surgery resulted in significant improvements in his vision; which was previously limited to making out shapes and distinguishing between light and dark.

“Following this surgery, each day amazes me. Beforehand, day to day I was really limited on what I could do and my life became very insular. This has made my life so much better,” Mr Lennard said.

Mr Lennard underwent 40 operations before being successfully treated through KPro surgery.

The pioneering operation was funded by NHS England for the treatment of corneal blindness in June 2019 following two years of work by a clinical reference working group.

Consultant ophthalmologist, Stephen Kaye, who led the working group, highlighted that the project was a success not only for Mr Lennard but future patients who would receive the treatment through Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

It is estimated that around 110 patients will receive KPro surgery each year at the hospital.

“I’m delighted that we’re able to give patients this much needed surgery to improve their quality of life,” Mr Kaye said.

Image credit: Liverpool University Hospitals