Only one in 20 US three-year-olds meet screen time guidelines

New research has highlighted that 94.7% of three-year-olds exceed the recommended daily limit on screen time of one hour or less

child on smartphone
A new study has highlighted that a mother’s screen time is associated with how long her child spends using digital devices each day.

The research, which was published in JAMA Pediatrics, highlighted that 79.4% of two year olds and 94.7% of three year olds in the US spend longer on screens than recommended each day.

US paediatric organisations and the World Health Organization recommend that pre-school age children have no more than one hour of screen time each day.

Factors associated with not meeting screen time guidelines at two years old included maternal screen time, being cared for at home rather than day care and the year data was collected.

At the age of three, the only influential factor was maternal screen time.

The research highlighted that high levels of screen time is likely to have consequences for early childhood development and health.

Image credit: Pixabay/Andi_Graf