University of Surrey academic receives Royal Society of Medicine prize

Dr Marianne Coleman has been recognised with the Squint Forum Prize for research investigating the relationship between depth perception and dementia

elderly woman

A University of Surrey academic has received an award that recognises high quality research performed by non-medical professionals in the fields of binocular vision and eye movement.

Dr Marianne Coleman, from the University of Surrey’s school of health sciences, is the recipient of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Squint Forum prize.

Her research investigates how the ability to judge distances is affected by dementia and whether changes in pupil sizes during tasks that test memory could be used to monitor the progression of dementia.

During pilot work for the project, Dr Coleman worked with participants aged 55 and older to explore tests for memory loss.

Dr Coleman said it was a “huge honour” to be recognised with the Squint Forum prize.

“It is wonderful to have my research work recognised in this way, and I will continue to do my best in delivering high quality research that makes a difference to patients and inspires other healthcare professionals to get involved in research,” she emphasised.

Image credit: Pixabay/silviarita