Magnetic eyelashes cause aberrations in MRI images

Scientists recommend discouraging patients from wearing the cosmetic product in MRI safety questionnaires

eyelash curler
Researchers have highlighted that magnetic eyelashes can cause visual aberrations (artefacts) within MRI images.

Writing in Journal of Roentgenology, scientists describe their findings from experiments comparing magnetic eyelashes to aneurysm clips; a known source of artefacts within MRI images.

They found that the visual artefact created by the eyelashes was much larger than that formed by the aneurysm clips.

“A new cosmetic product, magnetic eyelashes, should be of interest and concern to radiologists and technologists working in the MRI environment,” the authors emphasised.

“We strongly recommend inserting a line about magnetic eyelashes on the MRI safety questionnaire and adding stops in the screening system to prevent the entry of anyone with these lashes, including staff, into the MRI scanner room,” they highlighted.

Image credit: Pixabay