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Patient develops pearly white corneal lesion

A 74-year-old man presented to a North Carolina hospital with a corneal lesion protruding 1cm from the surface of his eye

01 May 2019 by Selina Powell

Clinicians have described the development of an unusual corneal mass in a 74-year-old patient who presented to a North Carolina hospital.

Writing in JAMA Ophthalmology, the authors highlight that the man was found to have a corneal keloid in his right eye.

The lesion was 10mm by 10mm, gelatinous and pearly white. Visual acuity in his right eye was limited to hand motion.

The patient noted that a scar from cataract surgery had gradually thickened over the past six months.

Describing their treatment, the clinicians highlighted that they performed an excisional biopsy on the lesion.

Four months after surgery, the patient had hand motion visual acuity at three feet.

“He is subjectively doing well but will be followed up for the development of recurrence,” the authors highlighted.

Lesion in eye
Photograph of the eye (left). Ultrasound bimicroscopy (right). Image credit: JAMA Ophthalmology

Image credit: Getty/Rhys Hayward


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