Double trouble: badminton pairs at greater risk of serious eye injury

New research suggests that doubles badminton players may be more prone to eye injury than singles players


Analysis of 85 patients who sustained eye injuries playing badminton has revealed that doubles players may be at higher risk of ocular harm than singles players. 

The research, which was published in British Journal of Sports Medicine, highlighted that the non-professional players were between the ages of 15 and 65, and had been playing the sport for an average of seven years.

The injuries were caused by a shuttlecock in 60 of the cases and a racquet in the other 25 cases.

Although the majority of injuries resulted from shuttlecocks, racquet injuries were more severe.

Most (73) of the injuries were sustained during doubles matches, with 10 accidents occurring during singles games and two involving bystanders.

The researchers recommended that people who have recently undergone eye surgery or who already have impaired eyesight should not play the sport.

They also emphasised the importance of badminton players wearing protective eyewear and receiving health and safety advice.

Image credit: Pixabay