University of Exeter researchers develop eye training programme

Scientists have developed a series of free videos to help children with dyspraxia

Boys playing football

UK researchers have created a free series of videos to help children with a coordination disorder to improve their motor skills.

The videos train children to concentrate on key information that is required for basic sports skills such as throwing and catching balls.

The new resources are the result of a five-year programme of study that illustrated how children with dyspraxia can learn to copy techniques used by peers who excel at tasks that require coordination.

University of Exeter’s Professor Mark Wilson explained that eye tracking technology was used to develop an understanding of how highly skilled children complete motor tasks.

“After a number of research studies, we have demonstrated that children with, and without, motor coordination difficulties can learn to copy these optimal strategies via video instruction,” he highlighted.

Professor Wilson added that building confidence in motor skills can help children to benefit from the social and physical benefits from taking part in sport.

Image credit: US Air Force/ Joshua Green