Bat an eye: hand-eye coordination of 450 professional baseball players tested

Eye-hand visual-motor reaction time is linked to batting performance in a study published in Optometry and Vision Science


New research has linked higher hand-eye coordination test scores with superior batting performance among professional baseball players.

The research, which was published in Optometry and Vision Science, measured the eye-hand visual-motor reaction time (EH-VMRT) of 450 professional baseball players during three Major League Baseball spring training sessions.

Scientists analysed the relationship between EH-VMRT and statistical measures of batting performance.

One measure of EH-VMRT, the ‘proactive score,’ was chosen as the best way of determining hand-eye coordination.

Researchers found that this score was significantly correlated with measures of plate discipline – statistics that judge the frequency with which a hitter makes contact with certain pitches and how often a pitcher induces swings or contact with the ball.

Faster EH-VMRT were also associated with more years playing in the major leagues.

Image credit: Aaron Hill