Top eye researcher receives honorary doctorate

Professor John Marshall was awarded an honorary doctorate from London Metropolitan University for 50 years of contribution to ocular health

Professor John Marshall
Academic researcher and ophthalmologist Professor John Marshall (pictured) has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the London Metropolitan University.

Professor Marshall, who is currently Professor of Ophthalmology at the Institute for Ophthalmology in association with the Moorfields Eye Hospital, University College London, received the award for his contributions to ocular health.

In a career spanning five decades, his academic work has focused largely on the relationship between light and the eye, examining the mechanisms which cause age-related, diabetic and inherited eye problems. 

Professor Marshall is renowned for the development of lasers used in ophthalmic surgery, inventing and patenting both the Excimer laser and the world’s first diode laser for treating of eye problems related to diabetes, glaucoma and ageing. 

At the university’s graduation ceremony, the honorary doctor told students: “You’ve received a piece of paper today that gives you entrance to the world of investigation, the world of commerce, the world of creating and the world of leadership. You’re tomorrow’s leaders and I stand here in admiration of you because you are the future.

He added: “You really can do anything. If you apply yourselves, and you keep up the enthusiasm that you have today, the world is your oyster. I look forward to your successes and pushing the boundaries forward in so many different ways.”

Professor Marshall joins a number of Others receiving honorary doctorates included the artist behind last year’s instillation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London, Paul Cummins MBE, and editor of The Independent newspaper, Amol Rajan.