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On the show floor at 100% Optical: technology and dry eye

In the run-up to the April show, OT  canvassed exhibitors to find out about their plans. Heidelberg Engineering and The Body Doctor share what they will be showcasing

100% Optical exhibitor

The exhibition hall at 100% Optical 2022 is set to be full of product launches, announcements, new research, and countless opportunities for networking.

In preparation for the three-day show, OT spoke to exhibitors about their plans for the exhibition and what they expect to see in their sectors. The full series, including speaker Q&As, can be found here.

Equipment: Heidelberg Engineering

Heidelberg Engineering
Heidelberg engineering is launching a new technology that will enhance its Spectralis imaging platform

Heidelberg Engineering plans to showcase its new Shift technology, launched earlier this year. Head of UK marketing and education, Emily Malbon, told OT: “The new technology will enhance the Spectralis imaging platform, and it will improve the speed of image acquisition, the quality of the OCT images, reduce image artefacts, offer more ways to visualise and assess the diagnostic data, and offer solutions for imaging traditionally very challenging eyes.”

The technology is set to enable the clinician to customise image acquisition parameters to the needs of the patient, Malbon said, “striking the perfect balance between speed of image acquisition and diagnostic image quality.” It will also have full backward compatibility of existing patient data and functions for continuity of data and long-term follow-up.

In addition to its activity in product launches, Heidelberg Engineering will be delivering two sessions at the show.

Held in the Optical Academy on Saturday at 10:45, How to become an OCT expert will provide guidance from an OCT expert on how to systematically evaluate OCT images for signs of eye disease, and advice on “what it takes to become an OCT expert.”

Taking to the Main Stage on Sunday at 3:45, OCT interpretation uncovered – glaucoma and beyond will establish what a typical glaucomatous eye looks like with OCT, and how the patterns of disease might change as it progresses through the different stages of disease. The importance of anatomical or pathological variances, which might cause a misinterpretation of OCT scans, will also be discussed.

Dry eye: The Body Doctor

Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress
The Body Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress will be highlighted on the stand
The Body Doctor, behind The Eye Doctor range of compresses, eye drops and lid wipes, will be highlighting its patented technology and new products, including sampling The Eye Doctor Dry Eye Support Supplements.

Taking centre stage will be The Eye Doctor Antibacterial Stye Relief Compress, as well as the Eye Doctor Tea Tree Lid Wipes, which are now biodegradable. 

Sue Grant, managing director of The Body Doctor, shared that the company’s stand will have an emphasis “on our carefully developed three-step eye care regime: heat, cleanse and revive. That is: heat the eyelids using The Eye Doctor Premium Compress to open up blocked eyelid glands and relieve tension, cleanse away any secretions with our cooling, sterile eyelid wipes, and revive the eyes with our moisturising, preservative-free eye drops.”

On the stand, The Body Doctor will be demonstrating its personalisation service. Visitors will also have an opportunity to meet Dr Hilary Jones, who will be discussing the patented Sterileyes technology, which the company says is antimicrobial to the leading three causative microorganisms of eye infections and those associated with dry eye development.

The company will also be inviting 100% Optical attendees to join in a celebration of its 10th anniversary with a drink from the bar on the stand.