Specsavers launches staff menopause support network

The multiple hopes its new initiative will provide “a safe, confidential space where members can share experiences and get practical advice”

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Specsavers has launched a menopause support community group to provide health and wellbeing advice and support, and educate and inform staff on menopause-related topics and issues.

The MenoTalk group is open to any UK Specsavers employee, whether in an office support role or in a store, who is affected by the menopause.

This includes both staff members who are going through the menopause themselves, and those who might be living with or managing someone who is affected.

The group promises to be “a safe, confidential space where our colleagues can find support, guidance and advice.”

It is hoped that MenoTalk will “help shape the future of menopause in the workplace by raising awareness, sharing experiences and providing practical solutions to help everyone’s experience of menopause in a working environment.”

The group will give Specsavers staff access to information, resources and guidance that can assist them in managing any menopause-related issues that they might encounter in the workplace.

It was set up by Specsavers’ senior events planning and communications manager, Louise Furby. Furby chairs the group, alongside learning and development business partner, Caroline Milliken.

Furby said: “I set up our MenoTalk community group to give everyone affected by menopause a safe, confidential space where members can share experiences and get practical advice.

“We want to shape the future of menopause in the workplace at Specsavers by raising awareness, providing support and breaking the stigma. We are united through menopause.”

Last year Specsavers launched a menopause in the workplace policy and also has financial support for staff available through its medical plan provider.

Specsavers staff who would like to request more information or join MenoTalk should email [email protected]

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