The Specialist Club returns with a dry eye focused event

The first live CET meeting for two years will cover techniques and technologies for dry eye

Specialist Club

The educational initiative, The Specialist Club, will be holding its first live face-to-face CET meeting for two years, with a focus on dry eye.

The group seeks to bring like-minded practitioners together to develop their sphere of practice in new directions.

The one-day event, to be held on 25 October at the National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull, will have the theme, ‘New front tears: techniques and technologies for dry eye.’

Professor Jonathan Moore
Keynote speaker, consultant ophthalmologist Professor Jonathan Moore, will discuss Omega 3 and supplements in managing dry eye
The event will focus on the latest diagnostic and treatment options and the practical applications in practice, with keynote speaker, consultant ophthalmologist Professor Jonathan Moore, highlighting the role of Omega 3 and supplements in a CET lecture ‘Managing dry eye in the modern world.’

Optometrist Nick Dash will present the CET lecture ‘Establish a successful dry eye clinic,’ and contact lens optician, Rosemin Mussa, will present a discussion on ‘Lifting the lid on periocular care.’ Optometrist Craig Wilcox will speak on ‘The role of intense pulse light therapy in optometric practice.’

Event organiser, Nick Atkins, said: “Gone are the days when a bit of stain and counting to 10 constitutes a dry eye consultation.

“This will be a truly valuable, not to be missed seminar for practitioners wanting to take dry eye management to the next level.”

Sponsors and exhibitors for the event include Positive Impact, Lumenis, Topcon Healthcare and The Eye Doctor.

More information and registration details for the event are available on The Specialist Club website.