Mido digital event draws 5700 attendees

Held virtually for the first time, the event recorded almost 50,000 interactions across its platform

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Mido welcomed more than 5700 registered users over its three-day digital trade show held 5–7 June.

Held online for the first time, the Mido 2021 Digital Edition saw almost 50,000 interactions on the business platform established for the trade show, with 438 display pages and 5700 registered users.

Detailing the attendance demographics, Mido found the event attracted a 50% international attendance, with the majority of participants from Europe, followed by America and Asia.

The show hosted more than 30 events, with a line-up of 60 speakers. This included featured guest, photographer Albert Watson, as well as key executives from across global eyewear and design houses.

A number of virtual rooms and lounges also hosted topics of interest for attendees to explore.

Describing the key themes of the event, organisers shared: “Eyewear was the core focus of this unique and innovative exchange of ideas that spanned the three days of the show, but the interplay between art, culture, fashion, current events, design and technology also played a key role. It was a time to reflect and, above all, to build the future.”

In an introduction for the event, Mido president, Giovanni Vitaloni, described his optimism for the profession, sharing: “I believe that we in the eyewear industry can make ourselves advocates for the health, technology, design, fashion and all that makes up an essential part of people’s new wellbeing.”

Opening the trade show through the video format, he described his excitement at welcoming attendees to the digital event, noting that: “big challenges often bring big successes and valuable revelations.”

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, and president of the Italian Trade Agency, Carlo Ferro, also shared messages of welcome to kick off the event. Ferro congratulated Mido on the digital show, highlighting that the organisers had already begun planning a digital solution before the pandemic “made it an inevitable choice,” and commented: “I am convinced that what we’re doing today will bring many benefits to our industry for many future events when going hybrid will not be a necessity but a choice.”

The digital platform will remain open for business-to-business trading between buyers and exhibitors across all time zones, which the organisers suggest will help contribute to the “recovery of global trade and to jumpstarting the eyewear market.” All of the events from the three-day show are also available on the online platform.  

The event also hosted the BeStore awards, recognising the best in optical stores, with Kempkes Optiek by Carlo van Kleij in Holland receiving the award in the design category, and Optician Store by Romica Romascu in Romania taking the title in the innovation category. Meanwhile, Eyes on Sheppard by Kerry Salsbery in Canada received the attendee vote to win the Your BeStore award.

Reflecting on the event, Vitaloni, shared: “The first ever MIDO 2021 Digital Edition has closed and we are extremely pleased with the outcome, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the entire team. Despite the very turbulent year that put us to the test, we were able to strengthen and build new confidence and trust, and we produced a digital trade show that came as close as possible to an in-person fair.

“There was a multitude of users and interactions, many more than expected. Thus, we are even more eager to return to meeting in person at Milano next year, while reassessing the expedience of the online format that allowed us to reach new exhibitors and visitors.”

The next Mido event is due to be held in-person from 12 February 2022.