BABO appoints new chairman

Irfaan Adamally will head the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists, succeeding John Stevenson


The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists (BABO) has named Irfaan Adamally as its new chairman.

He will succeed the previous chairman, John Stevenson.

On his new appointment, Mr Adamally said he was “honoured” to take on the role of chairman from Mr Stevenson, commenting: “BABO is part of a wider international community of vision therapy organisations and John has travelled extensively as chairman of BABO to represent the UK in behavioural optometry. We are all extremely grateful to John.”

“The need for behavioural optometrists is a growing one with some patients having to wait up to six months for care from an accredited optometrist. One of BABO's goals during my tenure is to create programmes that allow us to meet that need,” Mr Adamally explained.

Irfaan Adamally

He continued: “I want to build on the work John has done to continue increasing the awareness of what we can do in the UK, increase the number of accredited behavioural optometrists in the UK, and collaborate with researchers to translate clinical experience into publications that allow us to improve the way we work and help our patients.”

Mr Stevenson commented: “I have really enjoyed my time as chairman of BABO and working with the dedicated and growing number of optometrists in the UK, and internationally, offering vision therapy treatment.

“I know that Irfaan will now take BABO and the clinical discipline of behavioural optometry to the next stage in the UK. I wish him well, and of course offer him my full support.”