LOCSU launches new web portal

LOCs can create and maintain their own websites via the service

Man on laptop
A new online portal where practitioners can find and access the websites of local optical committees (LOCs) across England has been launched by the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU).

The new loc-online.co.uk, which replaces loc-net.org.uk, includes a website design and hosting service to support LOCs in updating their online presence.

The portal has been established following consultation workshops involving a range of LOCs, including Cheshire and Derbyshire, that were involved in the development of the designs.

The templates include a homepage and 15 different colours that LOCs can choose from, with a news feed also available.

LOCSU confirmed that support is available for LOCs in creating, populating and maintaining a website using the new design and hosting.

Within the portal, which has been built using WordPress, LOC websites are organised by regions that reflect the new NHS regions and LOCSU optical lead areas.

Chief operating officer of LOCSU, Richard Whittington, said: “We are delighted that this long-awaited development is now ready for roll out to all LOCs who wish to participate. We would like to thank Cheshire LOC and Derbyshire LOC for their involvement in the first wave of activity, and look forward to supporting LOCs to create their new websites.”