New nationwide eye care network in Scotland

Scottish Eyecare for Everyone aims to bring together stakeholders to tackle issues relating to eye health

Scottish flag

A new eye care forum and national network in Scotland has been established following a summit that highlighted eye health inequalities within the country. 

Scottish Eyecare for Everyone (SEE) was founded following an event organised by the University of Aberdeen and Optometry Scotland.

Participants debated the future of eye care in Scotland and addressed socioeconomic disparities in demand for eye care.

Dr Alexandros Zangelidis, from the University of Aberdeen’s business school, highlighted that while great progress has been made since the introduction of an NHS-funded eye examination in Scotland, there is a lower uptake of health services among economically vulnerable segments of society.

“This will be just one of the key issues that SEE will seek to address. Already we have ideas for targeted awareness-raising measures and we look forward to seeing these ideas come to life.”

Image credit: Pixabay/barrypit