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City Sight launches contact lens recycling scheme

Contact lenses, as well as blister and foil packaging, are now being collected at City, University of London

04 Feb 2019 by Andrew McClean

Contact lens wearers are now able to recycle their lens materials at City, University of London’s eye clinic, City Sight.

The clinic, which is located at the university’s Northampton Square campus, is collecting contact lenses as well as blister and foil packaging, regardless of which brand is used by the wearer.

Academic lead at the university, Anish Jindal, highlighted: “There are 3.7 million soft contact lens users in the UK and over half wear daily disposables lenses. Unfortunately, the majority of the waste once worn ends up in the landfill or can end up in our oceans due to inability to widely recycle such products.”

Speaking about introducing the contact lens recycling service at the university, Mr Jindal said: “I believe that City has a responsibility as one of the largest teaching institutions in UK optometry to educate the next generation of optometrists regarding the disposability issues of contact lenses and their environmental impact.”

“With the advent of recycling facilities only just becoming available in the UK and by being pro-active in this department, we have set a precedent by increasing awareness of the issues of not recycling and its consequences,” he added. 


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