CET deadline looming

Practitioners have until 31 December to complete CET requirements

GOC desk

Figures released by the General Optical Council (GOC) reveal that more than 8000 practitioners are yet to meet the CET requirements of the current cycle.

With just over two months to go until the end of the three-year cycle, the regulator confirmed that only 60% of registrants have met the requirements.

Those who fail to meet the CET requirements by the 31 December deadline will be removed from the register and therefore no longer able to practise in the UK until restored. The GOC highlighted that they would also be removed from their NHS performers list.

Registrants must have both collected and accepted their pending points in their MyGOC account before the deadline for them to count. Points cannot be carried over into the 2019 one-year cycle, the GOC emphasised.

Head of standards and CET at the GOC, Marcus Dye, said: “The deadline for the current cycle is quickly approaching. We strongly encourage registrants to plan the rest of their year accordingly in order to meet all their requirements by 31 December and avoid being removed from the register.”

Mr Dye emphasised the importance of registrants accepting the points they collect. “Although they may have undertaken all the required learning, it will not count until all the points have been accepted,” he said.