WCSM recognises optical assistants and technicians

A ceremony was held at Apothecaries’ Hall in London on 18 October

The new freeman of the WCSM with the master

Optical assistants and technicians have been recognised for passing their examinations at a ceremony held by The Worshipful Company of Spectacles Makers (WCSM).

The ceremony, which took place at Apothecaries’ Hall in London on Thursday (18 October), also welcomed 15 new freemen to the company.

WCSM explained that the certificates and diplomas allow candidates to build on the skills they use in practice every day and add to their technical knowledge.

Master of the WCSM, John McGregor, said: “As technology continues to develop in the field of vision care, the role of optical assistants becomes increasingly important as the front line of the relationship between the patient and the eye care practitioner. The role of the technician is also changing.”

“Achievement of these unique qualifications is a testament to the hard work that the candidates have put in and provides a great platform for them to develop their careers in optics further,” he added.

Laboratory manager at Specsavers Gravesend, Daniel Hunter-Pike, was awarded the Wiseman Memorial Prize for achieving the highest marks of the year in the practical exam of the SMC Tech Level 4 qualification.

Mr Hunter-Pike said: “The training has helped a great deal with my daily work and given me extra confidence. I now know why something works, rather than just that it does. I understand the principles of all the lenses, and I am now passing on that knowledge to all the others in the lab.”