BCLA certificate gains 200 sign ups, seeks council nominations

Practitioners can gain CET points while working towards a certificate, and are being sought by the BCLA to join its council

BCLA Council

The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) has received over 200 applications from practitioners looking to work towards a certificate in dry eye.

The certificate, which is part of a new CET-accredited BCLA education programme, focuses on clinical skills for ocular surface health and dry eye.

BCLA members can get CET points while working towards a dry eye certificate or a higher level towards a BCLA fellowship.

Speaking about the programme, president of the BCLA, Keith Tempany, said: “Ocular surface health is well documented as fundamental in the success of the contact lens wearer. Managing this for the patient, may help the retention of contact lens patients in practice and minimise drop outs due to discomfort.”

Sponsored by Thea Pharmaceuticals, the certificate can be achieved by optometrists and contact lens opticians with six credits and a final OSCE-style examination. It needs to be renewed every four years.

Credits are available from five online modules and one relevant General Optical Council-approved dry eye or ocular surface health workshop, peer review or lecture.

For more details on the programme, visit the BCLA website.

Representing peers

The BCLA has also opened nominations for its council election and is seeking practitioners who would like the opportunity to represent their peers.

Sharing more information about the role, chief executive of the BCLA, Cheryl Donnelly, said: “You would be joining council at a very interesting time and will play an integral part in deciding and delivering the strategic direction of the BCLA, whilst representing members wishes and helping to ensure that all members’ views across the association, profession and industry are represented in all activities.”

Nominations are being sought from optometrists, contact lens opticians and ophthalmologists, as well as professionals from the technical and commercial areas of the industry.

The closing date for nominations is 4 May and further information can be found on the BCLA website.

Pictured are members of the current BCLA council. Top row left to right: Indie Grewal, Maxine Green, Brian Tomkins. Middle row, left to right: Nick Atkins, Neil Retallic Jonathon Bench. Front row, left to right: Teifi James, Keith Tempany, Sunil Shah.