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AIO launches independent support network

It has been designed to help practitioners who are looking to open their own practice

19 Apr 2018 by Andrew McClean

The Association of Independent Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians (AIO) has launched a practice support network for independent practitioners.

The network is designed to bring together partners with different specialisms who can offer guidance on all aspects of running an independent practice.

Partners include the National Eyecare Group, Myers La Roche, Eyeplan and the Specialist Providers of Eye Care Solutions Network. 

It has been launched in response to feedback from students, who told the AIO they have ambitions to open an independent practice but are unsure how to do it. 

Speaking about the launch, secretariat lead at the AIO, Mike Ockenden, said: “This new practice support network has been developed to bring together expert services and advice for all of those who want to get into the independent sector.”

Initiatives offered by partners include free software for 12 months, marketing consulting and direct debit management. 


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