Moorfields and UCL to provide glaucoma course

The College of Optometrists announced the accreditation for the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma

16 Oct 2017 by Andrew McClean

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology have become accredited providers of the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma.

The College of Optometrists announced the accreditation for the course, which prepares optometrists to participate in formal referral refinement and ocular hypertension.

It also delivers education on suspected chronic open-angle glaucoma monitoring schemes and provides the knowledge and skills required in the detection of glaucoma within a primary setting.

The course, which will be completed through 14 online lessons, will begin on 18 March 2018 and lasts 12 weeks.

It is part of a series of higher qualifications offer by the College that cover areas such as contact lens practice, paediatrics, low vision and medical retina.

Director of education at the College, Jackie Martin, said: “The College’s higher qualifications allow optometrists to take full advantage of opportunities to deliver community services and they are proving very popular – this is the ninth higher qualification in glaucoma that is available across the UK.”

Courses are undertaken on a part-time basis and are designed to fit with life in a busy practice or hospital department, Ms Martin added.

Moorfields and the Institute also offer the College’s Professional Higher Certificate in Glaucoma, the Professional Diploma in Glaucoma, the Professional Medical Retina and the Professional Higher Certificate in Contact Lens Practice qualifications.

Principal optometrist and education lead at Moorfields, Jay Varia, said: “Optometry is changing rapidly. As the needs of our patients and the demands on our healthcare system increase, the profession is ideally placed to extend its traditional role into more direct clinical care.”

“These qualifications allow optometrists to demonstrate an ability to provide the best patient care in their chosen area and level of qualification,” Ms Varia explained.


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