BCLA to put myopia under the microscope

The association’s president will focus on myopia during a presentation in London

04 Sep 2017 by Andrew McClean

The British Contact Lens Association’s (BCLA) president, Keith Tempany, will focus on myopia during his address at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on 21 September.

The address will look back over 40 years at the changing world of contact lenses, while looking ahead at new technology and the need to inform the public about the risks of myopia.

Mr Tempany will also look at the ways eye care professionals can reduce the rate of myopia’s progression.

The event is part of a month-long series of lectures and education sessions across the UK.

Chief executive of the BCLA, Cheryl Donnelly, explained: “Many of the profession’s most respected opinion leaders are passionate about myopia management and several of them are coming to the UK this month.”

“They will present the latest research, explain the latest thinking behind the science and give invaluable hints and tips to ensure you are at the forefront of this potentially revolutionary approach,” Ms Donnelly added.

A dedicated myopia management day at Aston University will feature sessions with experts Gillian Bruce, Joan Roelof Polling and Katie Harrop on 13 September.

Optometrists Kate and Paul Gifford will also deliver presentations on paediatric myopia at the BCLA’s evening meetings on 26–28 September as part of the At Your Place roadshows. 


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