New Welsh pathway launched

A pathway for children and young people in Wales has been established by Vision 2020

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An All-Wales Integrated Pathway for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment and their Families has been launched by Vision 2020 yesterday (26 April).

Established in collaboration with the Children’s Vision Service Advisory Group for Wales, the pathway provides an agreed route which can be used from the point that someone who is aged 0–25 is diagnosed with a vision impairment through to adulthood.

Prior to its launch, the pathway went through an extensive consultation process with a range of stakeholders in Wales.

Vision 2020 highlights that the pathway is underpinned by two basic principles, including timely, emotional support for children, young people and their families. The body also recommends that the pathway is “used across Wales as a central ‘spine’ from which other pathways for areas of supporting activity may be developed,” it said. 

Responding to the launch of the pathway, chair of the Children’s Vision Service Advisory Group for Wales, Dr Heather Payne, said: “I’m extremely grateful to the expertise and dedication of the Children’s Vision Advisory Group for working towards the successful production of this document.

“Its use across Wales by all agencies should help children with sight loss to have a clever route through to the services that will help them achieve their potential. The pathway represents the essence of prudent healthcare; it is co-produced, child and family focussed, and it aims to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities.”