Cash award offered for new optometrists

WCSM encouraging research in optometry and physiological optics

Cash award offered for new optometrists
New optometrists are being given a chance to win £750 and the kudos of an internationally recognised medal for research in optometry or physiological optics.

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers (WCSM) last year introduced a bronze medal, known as ‘the Master’s Medal,’ which is awarded annually with £750 specifically to encourage research in optometry and/or physiological optics.

The award is aimed at those making their initial ‘first author’ published contribution to the advancement of optometry or physiological optics.

The 2014 Medal was awarded to Dr Lynne Watson of Glasgow Caledonian University for a paper entitled Image jitter enhances visual performance when spatial resolution is impaired and was awarded at a prestigious ceremony at the historic Apothecaries Hall in the City of London.

Entries for the 2015 award are now being invited from people holding a first degree, diploma or equivalent qualification obtained within the last three years.

While holders of doctorates are not eligible to enter for the awards, those studying for such a qualification, or whose paper was generated during such a course of study, are. ‘Second authors’ can qualify if their contribution to the paper is described in a letter to the judges from the first author.

The closing date is 24 July. Applications should be emailed to [email protected]

For more details, visit the WCSM website.