New vision strategy launched for England

Eye health and sight loss organisations in England have come together to launch a new action plan for those with sight loss in the UK

uk vision strategy logo

The UK Vision Strategy has today (16 June) launched a new action plan to help deliver on its targets to transform the delivery of eye care services to those living with sight loss in England. 

Called the England Vision Strategy, the plan is based on six key priorities including: improving eye health for all; improving treatments and support for people losing their sight; and increasing participation and inclusion for people with sight loss.

It will be led by an executive group drawn from the charity sector, professional optical bodies and members of health organisations, including the Department of Health and NHS England. The plan aims to transform the landscape of sight loss in England, where an estimated 750,000 people could receive interventions to help them avoid losing their sight. 

The UK Vision Strategy was developed in response to the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Avoidable Blindness. The group comprises eye health and sight loss organisations across the UK and aims to enable them to deliver a united approach to delivering change. 

“I am delighted that we have this opportunity to make a real difference for people with sight loss,” said chief executive of the Thomas Pocklington Trust and co-chair of England Vision Strategy, Peter Corbett. 

He added: “Far too often we hear of people across England experiencing a postcode lottery for services or falling through the gaps in current systems resulting in social isolation, lose of independence and far worse. The England Vision Strategy will work to combat these failings, working in partnership with providers and the public to achieve great things.”

Commenting on the launch, co-chair of England Vision Strategy, John Thompson, said: “Across the sector we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon. The England Vision Strategy provides us with a solid framework on which to build, using the strengths of our colleagues to prevent people losing their sight unnecessarily, to provide support to those who need it and to effect lasting change for the better.”

For more information, visit the UK Vision Strategy website.