Student retention drive

The GOC has begun the annual retention process for optometry and dispensing students

The General Optical Council (GOC) has begun its annual retention process for optometry and dispensing students. 

The regulator has sent retention letters to all optical students urging them to complete their retention by 15 July. Students should complete their retention online, together with a £25 payment, if they are to stay on the registers for the 2014/15 academic year.

Students who miss the 15 July deadline, and have still not applied by 31 August, will be removed from the register and therefore unable to continue their studies until they have restored their registration. The GOC may not recognise the qualifications of applicants for full registration who were not registered for all or part of their training. 

Last year a total of 89.9% of student optometrists and dispensing opticians applied to renew their GOC registration by the July deadline.

A GOC spokesperson told OT: “We encourage students to renew well before 15 July as this will avoid late application fees and ensure they are ready to resume their studies after the summer. 

“Maintaining GOC registration is a legal requirement and retention must be completed each year. Students who allow their registration to lapse may find themselves excluded from exams and clinical training, putting their qualifications at risk.”

Students can renew their registration by logging in to their MyGOC

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