Moorfields Eye Hospital and Kings College Hospital collaborate to save sight

Surgeons from Kings College Hospital have treated 15 patients at risk of losing their sight using Moorfields Eye Hospital facilities

Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai

Two hospitals are collaborating to prevent sight loss as the ongoing impact of the pandemic places a strain on ophthalmology services.

The partnership has seen surgeons from Kings College Hospital operate on 15 patients using Moorfields Eye Hospital facilities at Duke Elder Eye Unit based at St George’s Hospital in south London.

Of the patients who received treatment, three had vitreoretinal conditions while 11 received treatment for glaucoma.

Consultant ophthalmologist at King’s College Hospital, Avi Kulkarni, highlighted that the patients were facing the prospect of losing vision irreversibly.

“Moorfields were incredibly supportive and understanding, and rapidly arranged for several theatre lists at St. George’s Hospital. We undertook the first operations within two weeks of the initial discussions between King's and Moorfields,” he said.

Kulkarni added that the operations were an “amazing logistical achievement” considering the obstacles caused the pandemic and a testament to the hard work and collaboration of colleagues between the two hospitals.

Moorfields medical director, Louisa Wickham, emphasised: “We hope that this collaboration will mark the start of closer working with London hospitals in shaping services for the benefit of all patients.”