PCSE shares update on submitting paper GOS claims

PCSE has shared advice for contractors who are not able to submit claims online and have run out of the new style forms

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Primary Care Support England (PCSE) has shared an update with advice on submitting paper GOS forms for contractors who are not able to submit claims online and have run out of new style forms.

Last month, PCSE confirmed new style paper GOS forms were available to order from the PCSE portal, for contractors unable to submit GOS claims online by 1 February. Contractors also received a supply of the forms in October.

The old paper forms were previously eligible for use until 31 January 2021, but following a high number of orders for the new scannable GOS forms, PCSE has shared advice for contractors who may have run out of the new paper forms.

The PCSE team explained: “Due to an unexpected high volume of orders for the new scannable GOS forms, which has resulted in an issue with our supplier fulfilling demand, orders may take three to four weeks to arrive at your practice.”

PCSE confirmed that contractors who are yet to move online and who have run out of new forms can use the old paper forms until their new supplies arrive.

If a contractor does not have any old or scannable paper forms, they are advised to contact the PCSE team.
When making claims using the scannable new style GOS forms, contractors were reminded to download and attach the new style batch headers.

However, contractors sending paper claims using the old style forms must submit these separately with the old style batch headers. PCSE suggested this approach would ensure they can be processed effectively, adding, “Please do not send in mixed batches as it will not be possible to process your claims.”

Online uptake continues

The uptake of online GOS has been continuing, PCSE shared, with around 65% of ophthalmic contractors now submitting GOS claims online.

PCSE shared that this has a variety of benefits including no rejected claims, as the system checks all mandatory fields are completed, detailed monthly statements, and reducing resource costs to manually process and post claims.

The PCSE team added that contractors can still get set up online “quickly and easily,” with information available through the website.

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