Optometry practices unaffected by local lockdown in Aberdeen

Optometry Scotland has confirmed that new controls in place in Aberdeen will not have an impact on optometry practices

Getty/Richard Johnson
Scotland’s first local lockdown, in Aberdeen, will not affect the operation of optometry practices, Optometry Scotland has confirmed.

The new measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 were introduced on Wednesday (5 August) after a cluster of cases in the area

The measures stop residents entering another household and travelling more than five miles from home for non-essential purposes. Restaurants and pubs have closed in the area.

A tweet from Optometry Scotland confirmed that optometry practices were not impacted by the latest restrictions.

“Practitioners are advised to continue to operate all services safely as described in PCA(O)(2020)(12),” the tweet read.

The latest advice from the Scottish Government confirms that routine optometry services can be provided by optometry practices provided that certain conditions are met.