Patient receives injection in wrong eye

A software glitch that transposed digital photographs of the eye resulted in an injection error at Wye Valley NHS Trust

A software glitch has resulted in a patient receiving an injection in the wrong eye at a hospital run by the Wye Valley NHS Trust in October last year.

Papers presented to the trust’s December 2019 board meeting, highlighted that the patient was not harmed by the error.

“The initial findings are that an image of the eye was taken as per usual practice. One of the images was poor quality and therefore the image was deleted and retaken,” the document stated.

“The machine automatically loads images in a set sequence. By deleting only one image the sequence was interrupted and the left and right images were transposed,” the meeting notes explained.

When approached by OT, a spokesperson for Wye Valley NHS Trust said safety is the trust’s priority.

“While no harm was caused to this patient, the trust has taken this incident seriously. The standard operating procedure is being updated and new equipment, which delivers better quality images, is now in place,” the spokesperson said.

Image credit: Pixabay/Jason Shivers