Organisations issue patient standards for glaucoma document

The new standards are available on the IGA website

Lady having her sight tested
A trio of organisations have worked in partnership to produce a new Patient Standards Document for glaucoma.

The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) has worked alongside the UK Ophthalmology Alliance (UKOA) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists to produce the standards after observing “significant” variations in standards of glaucoma care nationwide.

The standards are based on best practice from across the NHS and have been collated with evidence from optometry clinics, hospital eye specialists and patient calls to the IGA helpline.

The document explores the entire care pathway for patients with glaucoma conditions and are designed to be used as a supplement to existing non-ophthalmic-specific patient standards and the Royal National Institute for Blind People-UKOA’s patient standards for ophthalmology, the IGA explained.

Organisations that provide and commission care for glaucoma patients are encouraged to assess their services and make improvements in areas where the standards are not met.

As an increasing number of stable glaucoma patients are being monitored by community optometrists the document also contains recommendations for ensuring that all patients receive the same quality of care, from initial referral following an eye test and beyond.

The standards can be found on the IGA website.