NHS National Services Scotland works to fix IT problems

Scottish practitioners have reported issues with the eOphthalmic webform service, which recently became mandatory following an initial roll out in 2015

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NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) is working to resolve issues with its eOphthalmic webform service.

The system was first introduced in October 2015 and has recently become mandatory.

A statement from NSS said that the webform service has processed millions of claims since it first became operational.

“We remain confident that the service is fit for purpose and ask that you bear with is while we get to the bottom of current issues,” the NSS added.

The NSS highlighted that the claim submission deadline was moved from Tuesday 9 April to Thursday 11 April to allow extra time for claims to be made.

The deadline could not be extended further without risking the possibility of not meeting the payment date on 24 April because of the Easter bank holidays. 

Changes recommended by NSS’ IT supplier were implemented on 17 April.

The NSS has listed a series of steps that practices can take to mitigate the impact of IT disruption on its website, as well as online guidance on how to use the webform.  

Practitioners who wish to notify NSS of an issue with the webform can call 0131 275 6200 or email

AOP Councillor for Scotland, Kevin Wallace, told OT: “These issues will be extremely frustrating for those practices affected, and the AOP will continue to monitor the situation. At the moment we would advise members to follow the advice issued by the NHS, for example making sure to use the recommended web browser.”

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