Labour MP sports eye patch at PMQs

Angela Rayner MP visited A&E before attending Parliament

Angela Rayner

The Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Angela Rayner MP, was seen wearing an eye patch during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday afternoon (11 October).

The Labour MP for Ashton-under-Lyne had suffered a corneal abrasion in the morning and was treated at St Thomas’ Hospital where they referred Ms Rayner to Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Ms Rayner told OT: “After getting an abrasion on my right eye, I received brilliant care from St Thomas’ ophthalmology department and at Moorfields Eye Hospital. World-class treatment; free at the point of use. I want to thank all the staff at the hospitals for their support. They are a credit to our NHS.”

“My experience yesterday reinforced the importance of eye health. I urge everyone to ensure they have biennial eye tests, and to not hesitate talking to their optician if they have any concerns or problems,” she said.

According to Moorfields, common causes of corneal abrasions includes a fingernail scratching the eye, getting grit in the eye and through contact lens insertion and removal.