Failing to have sight tests leaves Brits at risk of losing their sight

Optegra releases Vision of Britain report

An estimated 15% of people risk losing their sight by not having regular sight tests, according to research by Optegra Eye Health Care. 

The statistic is highlighted in the private eye hospital’s newly-published Vision of Britain report. 

Questioning 2000 people, Optegra reported that 50% of patients having their first sight test require vision correction, while one in 10 people require spectacles or treatment, despite thinking their eyesight is “fine.”

Despite research showing that 24% of people shy away from an eye test in fear of having to wear glasses, 82% of those questioned said they desired 20:20 vision. Furthermore, 60% said that they value their sight above all other senses. 

In a bid to drive awareness of the importance of regular sight tests and support people in “achieving perfect vision,” Optegra’s 20-page report contains advice on daily eye care, tips on identifying vision problems in children and updates on the latest technological advances. 

Having found that one-in-four people mistakenly believe that wearing glasses will make their eyesight worse, the report also contains some myth-busting information, Optegra highlighted.  

Commenting on the report, optometrist and head of Optegra Eye Sciences, Dr Clare O’Donnell, said: “Without regular eye examinations, problems are being left undiagnosed and untreated which can lead to serious vision damage.

“It is vital for everyone to have regular eye checks, even if they suspect nothing is wrong with their eye sight. By giving up just 20–30 minutes of your time once every two years, you can potentially save your vision.” 


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