Optegra enters digital partnership

Doctify agreement aims to give patients a way to better connect and read reviews on Optegra consultants

05 May 2017 by Emily McCormick

Private eye care hospital Optegra has entered into a partnership that aims to enhance the way that patients can connect with medical professionals, including Optegra consultants.

Doctify is a UK digital health platform through which patients can search, compare and book doctors online.

Optegra has said that its agreement with Doctify will give its patients access to “a large number of highly experienced NHS trained eye health consultants.” Via the platform, Optegra patients will be able to read verified patient reviews and make an empowered specialist selection.

Co-founder of Doctify, Dr Stephanie Eltz, highlighted that the platform “seeks to support and advance doctor-patient relationships by providing greater transparency and access to healthcare through innovation.”

Commenting on the partnership, marketing executive at Optegra, Cat Acevedo, explained: “We are always looking to enhance our relationships with healthcare professionals for patients to benefit from.

“This partnership is a fantastic way of increasing accessibility to the highest quality ophthalmic services with renowned consultant ophthalmologists and a wide range of treatments in specialist eye hospitals, to help individuals make an informed decision about their eye health.”


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