Guidelines issued for NHS logo use

The NHS has published guidance for optical practices in England looking to use the NHS logo in optical practices

27 Feb 2015 by Ryan O'Hare

The NHS has published guidance for primary care practitioners in England looking to use the NHS logo in optical practices.

Optometric practices and businesses were granted use of the NHS logo at the end of 2014, following extensive discussion between the Optometric Fees Negotiating Committee, NHS England and the Department of Health.

The guidance has been provided to help optical practitioners and businesses understand the NHS identity and associated legalities, and are in line with guidance for other primary care providers, such as dentistry and pharmacy. However, it does not apply to optical professionals in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

The document states: “Opticians are an integral part of primary care and the NHS. Using the NHS identity on your corporate materials will help you to highlight your role to the public, and to identify yourself as a provider of NHS services and information.”

It continues: “As community optical practices deliver more shared care services and support ophthalmology departments to manage increasing demand from an ageing population, the NHS identity will help increase the visibility of this valuable role.”

The full guidance is available on the NHS identity website.


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