Optometrist suspended for errors prior to refractive surgery

A Nottingham optometrist has been sanctioned after failing to record clinical examinations when determining a patient’s suitability for surgery

GOC reception
An optometrist has been sanctioned by the General Optical Council for record keeping and clinical errors prior to a patient receiving refractive surgery.

Nottingham-based practitioner, Nathan Smith (GOC number 01-32598), received a three-month suspension order.

A fitness to practise committee decision stated that Mr Smith made record keeping errors when determining whether a patient was suitable for refractive laser eye surgery in 2012.

He also failed to perform ophthalmoscopy and incorrectly recorded that he had performed certain tests when he had not during a refractive lens exchange surgery consultation in 2013.

The committee found that Mr Smith had demonstrated sufficient insight, undertaken remediation and presented a low risk of repetition.

It was decided that a three-month suspension order would be sufficient to protect the public interest.