DO who failed to declare drink driving conviction suspended

The General Optical Council has sanctioned a practitioner with a three-month suspension order

GOC reception
A dispensing optician who failed to declare a drink driving conviction to the General Optical Council (GOC) has been suspended for three months.

Bromley-based dispensing optician, Tracy Dermott (GOC registration D-15245), received the suspension order after she received a caution for common assault and a drink driving conviction.

Ms Dermott failed to declare the drink driving conviction when applying to retain registration.

The fitness to practise committee noted that while the misconduct and conviction was serious, Ms Dermott had taken a number of steps to remedy her past actions.

Positive testimonials had been made in support of Ms Dermott and the committee accepted that she had developed insight into her past behaviour.

“The committee was satisfied that a period of suspension would be sufficient to mark the seriousness of the case and to serve the purpose of declaring and upholding standards and confidence in the profession,” the decision stated.