GOC erases DO who took £2594 from the practice till

A Scarborough-based practitioner has been sanctioned by the optical regulator for taking cash from the till and processing false refunds

GOC reception
The General Optical Council (GOC) has issued an erasure order to a Scarborough-based dispensing optician who took £2594 from the practice till and processed false refunds.

A GOC fitness to practise committee decision described how concerns were raised about unusual financial activity at the store where Rebecca Butler (GOC number D-12786) worked.

A number of refunds were recorded against Ms Butler’s operator number but were not carried out or recorded against a customer number.

A subsequent investigation revealed that Ms Butler had processed false refunds through the till and removed £2594 in cash.

In an email to the GOC in January 2017 explaining her actions, Ms Buter said that she was in a “very bad place financially” and rather than talk to the store directors she went to someone for a loan.

“I was struggling to make the repayments as they just kept asking for more and more off me. I have never done anything like this before and I didn’t know what else to do. I ended up taking money from my employer,” Ms Butler wrote.

The decision noted that an email from Ms Butler in July 2017 stated that she was no longer employed within optics and did not intend on seeking future employment within the profession.

The committee decided that the only sanction that would satisfy the public interest in maintaining public confidence in the profession was erasure.