Amazon removes adjustable spectacle sales

The multinational technology company removed several listings of adjustable focus spectacles following contact by the General Optical Council


Amazon UK has removed several listings of adjustable spectacles after the General Optical Council (GOC) was alerted to the illegal sales by the AOP.

The GOC received 12 complaints from the AOP relating to the illegal sale of adjustable spectacles on the multinational technology company’s website.

The complaints were regarding spectacles being sold without supervision, without a prescription and outside the powers range outlined in the Opticians Act.

After the GOC received complaints from the AOP, its legal team investigated and contacted Amazon asking the company to remove the sales with immediate effect.

Amazon removed the items from sale and marked the products as ‘obsolete’ to ensure that no further orders of the reported items can be taken through the Amazon catalogue.

AOP policy director, Tony Stafford, said that the Association is pleased that the GOC acted so fast.

“These [illegal sales] can be hazardous for patients, particularly if people use them for activities such as driving, so it’s good that Amazon have now removed them from sale,” he shared.

“We will continue to flag products that breach the Opticians Act, as we become aware of them. Members who see these products being sold online or on the high street can let us know or contact the GOC directly,” Mr Stafford highlighted.

Practitioners who wish to report illegal spectacle or contact lens sales, can fill out the GOC's illegal practice complaint form and send it to the legal team by email.  

The Optician’s Act is available on the GOC website.