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Locum optometrist sanctioned by the GOC following false appointment booking

A Hertfordshire-based practitioner has been suspended for nine months after she claimed to have carried out a dilated fundus examination and wrongly amended records

10 Dec 2019 by Selina Powell

A Hertfordshire-based optometrist who told a colleague that she had performed a dilated fundus examination when she had not has received a nine-month suspension order from the General Optical Council (GOC).

A GOC fitness to practise committee decision described how locum optometrist Bansi Shah created an additional appointment slot for a patient to receive a dilated fundus exam but the patient did not receive dilation.

When asked by a colleague about the appointment, Ms Shah said that dilation had been carried out when it had not.

The decision highlighted that Ms Shah also falsely amended the patient’s records, stating that a dilated fundus examination had been performed.

The committee emphasised that dishonesty is a serious matter and that Ms Shah had shown limited insight into her conduct.

She has until 12 December to appeal her suspension.


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    Very interesting. Read the GOC FTP report. The store and company is redacted but the software system used is not "Socrates". The optom fell foul of the system as she tried to catch up running late but it was not permitted for an optom to exercise professional judgement and rebook a patient for review. Turns out she added the patient as if they were returning for dilated exam but in fact it was to create space to catch up....Optom suspended for dishonesty. No comment on policy of store where consent to book additional appointments or follow ups needs to be sought ? Professional independence ? touchy...

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