Erasure order for student optometrist who lied about her results

A Harrow-based student can no longer undertake training to become an optometrist after she made false representations on a university application

GOC welcome desk
A student who lied about her results on a university application has been sanctioned with erasure from the General Optical Council (GOC) register.

A GOC fitness to practise committee decision stated that Harrow-based student optometrist, Deepa Acharya, made false claims about her A Level and first year university results in an application to be admitted to the optometry programme.

Ms Acharya applied to become an optometry student after completing the first year of a pharmaceutical course.

After she appealed a failed module grade in her first year of the optometry degree, an investigation revealed discrepancies between her A Level results as stated in her application for the pharmaceutical course and in her application for optometry.

A request for the original certificates revealed that Ms Acharya had received CDD grades, not the ABB grades recorded in her application for the optometry programme.

The committee concluded that the registrant’s behaviour was incompatible with continued registration.

Ms Acharya has until 7 January 2020 to appeal her erasure.