Dispensing optician who headbutted colleague in front of patients suspended

Orpington-based practitioner Olukolajo Kayode has been sanctioned by the General Optical Council


An Orpington-based dispensing optician who headbutted a colleague and failed to declare a caution relating to a separate violent incident has been suspended by the General Optical Council (GOC).

A GOC fitness to practise committee decision described how CCTV footage revealed that Olukolajo Kayode “lost his temper” with a colleague on the shop floor during business hours.

After throwing a mock punch at his colleague, Mr Kayode made contact with his colleague’s nose by moving his head forward “vigorously.”

“This could accurately be described as a headbutt,” the decision stated.

The decision also recounted a separate police caution for common assault in a domestic setting that Mr Kayode failed to declare.

The committee concluded that Mr Kayode was not dishonest in his failure to declare the police caution, instead finding that the non-disclosure resulted from “carelessness and lack of knowledge.” 

Mr Kayode was issued with a six-month suspension order. He has until 14 May to appeal his suspension.

Fitness to practise committee chair, Graham White, highlighted that the committee had “no hesitation” in concluding that a violent assault during business hours amounted to misconduct.

“In relation to the failure to disclose a caution on retention applications, the committee also concluded that this was a sufficiently serious matter as to amount to misconduct,” he said.

The committee was satisfied that Mr Kayode’s insight into the significance of the issues raised by the assault and caution was “developing” and further development would mitigate the risk of repeated behaviour.

“It was determined that a period of suspension of six months would be sufficient to mark the gravity of the misconduct and to declare and uphold proper standards of behaviour so as to maintain confidence in the profession and its regulation,” Mr White concluded.