Student optometrist who falsified grades sanctioned

The General Optical Council has issued a London-based optometry student with a 12-month suspension order


The General Optical Council (GOC) has given a year-long suspension order to an optometry student who falsified grades.

A GOC fitness to practise committee described how Deepa Acharya falsified her A level grades and her first-year degree results to secure a place in an optometry programme.

Fitness to practise committee chair, Anne Johnstone, said that Ms Acharya’s dishonesty and lack of integrity represented a “serious departure” from the Code of Conduct.

“To some extent, there was a continuing lack of insight into the seriousness of her actions,” Ms Johnstone highlighted.

“The committee noted that a suspension order would send a signal to the registrant, the profession and the public reaffirming the standards expected of a student registrant,” she added.

Ms Acharya has until 8 January to appeal her suspension.