Optometrist who submitted false registration application suspended

London-based optometrist, Kiran Jeerh, has received a six-month suspension order

GOC desk

The General Optical Council (GOC) has suspended an optometrist who submitted a false registration application.

London-based practitioner, Kiran Jeerh, received a six-month suspension order from the optical regulator after a GOC committee found her fitness to practise was impaired by reason of misconduct.

In making the decision, fitness to practise committee chair, Ian Crookall, highlighted that Ms Jeerh’s dishonesty was directed at the regulator.

“It was done to enable her to commence employment as soon as possible. The nature of the registrant’s misconduct and dishonesty undermined the vetting procedures of the GOC,” he said.

Mr Crookall added that Ms Jeerh’s actions were a “serious departure” from the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of her.

Ms Jeerh has until 20 December to appeal her suspension, during which time she is subject to an immediate suspension order.